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  • The British Medical Journal has published updated guidelines for good publication practice

    The new guidelines for good publication practice (GPP2) are available here.

    The GPP2 guidelines apply to peer-reviewed literature, and make recommendations for individuals and organizations to maintain ethical publication practices and comply with current requirements when contributing to the communication of medical research sponsored by companies.

    Medical and scientific publications are often a collaborative effort. Contributors may be employees of research sponsors, contract research organizations, or medical communications agencies that may be funded by industry. The authors, collaborators, and organizations share responsibility for developing publications in an ethical manner.

    Several guidelines are in place in order to maintain ethical and transparent publication practices in the conduct and communication of medical research, including that sponsored by companies.

    The Declaration of Helsinki, updated in 2008, places accuracy and completeness among the primary ethical obligations of individuals communicating medical research, and suggests that reports that are not in accordance with its principles should not be accepted for publication. The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals ( drives the integrity and transparency in medical publications sponsored by companies.

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